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 The Teaching Assistance Program

eTAP stands out as a comprehensive, cost-effective, and highly effective assessment-based learning program designed to drive the success of all students. From pre-kindergarten to high school, it caters to diverse learning styles, including ESL and special education.

The curriculum features assessment-based learning, with instruction, practice exercises, pretests, practice, and post tests for each unit. The platform offers a wealth of engaging learning resources including audio/video tutorials and interactive activities. eTAP's Assessment/Review feature identifies individual learning gaps in Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies, guiding students to focus on specific lessons. 

Simply go to  and start your 14 day free trial and get started today using the fast and easy self-paced learning system. Please see our Video - how to use  and   User Guide.  Please go to the student button at the top of the page and add a student  login account for each student, so they can take tests and have a record of their progress. 


My name is Tyrina Lassiter and I am a resume writer and career strategist! I am the owner of T. Lassiter Services a company that specializes in helping professionals in their career transition. I have helped so many in their season of transitioning careers! Our mission is to help boost your confidence and land the job you desire with interview coaching and a resume that effectively reflects your career transition. 

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Are you a teacher looking for new and innovative ways to engage your students? 📒

The Moving Teacher was created with you in mind. We offer an ever-growing library of resources that are both fun and educational. 🖍️

Our access to free to low-cost materials is created to help teachers save time and money while providing their students with the best possible learning experience.

Go to our website and get the information that you need: ✅



BTGYP's mission is to empower, train, and enhance the lives of youth, young adults, and families by rebuilding at-risk communities and reducing violence through interactive leadership and innovation roles. Our program will create a path for youth to go on and pursue jobs in Science, Tech, Arts, Engineering, And Math. 

We also work to increase entertainment and business owner systems for underserved communities. 

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Laddering Your Success (LYS) is a Houston, Texas based social profit organization that is focused on partnering with schools, educational institutions and community organizations  to help students turn today’s dreams in a future of unlimited possibilities. Our purpose is centered on creating a future where first-generation, minority, underserved and non-traditional students can easily access knowledge, tools, resources and life-skills to create, select and live a productive and healthy life – from high school, to college and beyond.
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Finding Fathers Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association of members and leaders that help to create a community of support for fatherless children. We help bring more awareness to the ever-growing problem of fatherlessness and the negative effects it has on our children, families, communities, and society.    

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Raanckee & Associates LLC

Raanckee & Associates LLC is a private money and financial education company targeted towards young children and teenagers by offering international programs, coaching and subscriptions to aid the lack of financial literacy education in our schools.

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