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“I took one of Cedric's Edtech career workshops, and it was excellent! He explained the most essential details about Edtech and outlined how to seamlessly transition into a new career. Two months later....I'm working from home as I write this. I can't thank him enough for all the resources, insight, and guidance he provides. Tap in!”

-Chris H, Transitioned Teacher

Product/Service: The Insider’s Guide to Entering EdTech, 30 Minute Teacher Career Consult


Since, I resigned from my Educator position in August due to my health, I was thinking I need a full-time remote Educator position to take care of myself and pay bills. To my surprise I came across EduHustle on Facebook. I immediately messaged Mr. Scott to find out more information. Mr. Scott, has been a wonderful person guiding me through the process of searching for my now remote position. I am pleased with his service and generosity. If you are in a situation of not being able to search for a job contact Mr. Scott!! 🤗

-Lakita H, Transitioning Teacher

Product/Service: 30 Minute Teacher Career Consult

Cedric shared so many gems during our session and provided follow-up feedback. I'm feeling really good about the possibilities and the next steps moving forward.

-Latoyia B, Teacher/Edupreneur

Product: 30 Minute Creative Execution Session


I had the pleasure of scheduling a call and speaking with Mr. Scott. I was able to verbalize my issues with the guided questions during that session. As a result, Mr. Scott was able to provide meaningful solutions as well as recommended some helpful resources.

-Lafondria H, Transitioning Teacher

Product: 30 Minute Teacher Career Consult


I walked into this session with no expectations. Cedric listened to me and asked me clarifying questions to get me to think. He was the sounding board that I needed. His advice is worth gold and his resources are very helpful. Thanks so much Cedric for helping me gain clarity and focus. My next career move has become clear to me.

-Latasha J, Transitioned Teacher/Edupreneur

Product: 90 Minute Teacher Career Consult

“Cedric was so helpful and responded quickly to my request for help. He's knowledgable in so many areas...I'll be reaching out to him again I'm sure in the near future. I highly recommend his products and services.”

-Kimberly W., Edupreneur/E-Commerce business owner

 Product/Service: 30 Minute Creative Execution Session


“I have been in education for twenty years. This journey has allowed me to be a classroom teacher and an administrator for grades K-12.

I had an opportunity to speak with Cedric about exploring options in Edtech. It was very insightful because he helped me see how my experiences and skills would transfer outside of education. He also shared how he made the transition from the classroom to Edtech. This conversation will help me in my next journey.

Overall, Cedric is truly a great person that wants to see others be successful. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

-Jarrett T, Transitioning School Leader

Product/Service: 90 Minute Teacher Career Consult


“Cedric gave me a wealth of knowledge during our consultation call today. In fact, I was able to get a reply from an employer within a few hours. He knows what he's talking about.”

-Zack I, Transitioning Teacher

Product/Service: 30 Minute Teacher Career Consult


“Wow! What a wealth of applicable knowledge. Took a few pages of notes. I'm creating a life skills curriculum for young boys/teens to teach in schools and get parents involved. Excellent resource!”

-Christopher R., Entrepreneur, Speaker, Community Advocate

Product/Service: 30 Minute Creative Execution Session

“Cedric is amazing! I went into our session with so many questions and concerns about my transition into EdTech but after a few minutes, he helped me find so much clarity! He was patient and listened to what I wanted in a new position. His wealth of knowledge on how to narrow down my search was INVALUABLE. I am so grateful that I got the chance to sit 1:1 with him to get my questions answered. If you are thinking about transitioning into EdTech, Cedric is a wonderful person to connect with!”

-Ayesis C. Transitioning Educator/Edupreneur 

Product/Service: 90 Minute Teacher Career Consult


"Cedric is the most centering professional I have ever met. He has the keen ability to listen and help guide you to identifying your strengths and provide actionable steps to move forward. His genuine compassion and understanding of people shines through everything he does. He was one of the very first transitioned teachers to connect with me and has become a valued and trusted resource that I happily encourage everyone I meet towards connection.

He has the education experience both a teacher and administrator, so he knows the struggles from both sides. In addition, he is a prolific guide and advocate for teachers to help them transition out of teaching and into a technical career that best suits their skill set."

-Elizabeth B, Transitioning Teacher

Product/Service: 90 Minute Teacher Career Consult


“It was an honor and a pleasure working with Cedric. Cedric was very knowledgeable on the subject matter at hand. He maintained professionalism and shared some phenomenal tips and resources. Cedric went above and beyond the call of duty. For this I am truly grateful. I highly recommend Cedric's services to other educators looking to Bridge the Gap. I am looking forward to building a working relationship that will create an ongoing meeting of the minds experience.”

-Dr. Deborah R., Entrepreneur/Youth Advocate

Product/Service: 90 Minute Creative Execution Session


"I would recommend EDU Hustle for transitioning teachers because Cedric has all the info to help you navigate the job search, and he has the tips to help with your resume and cover letter. Cedric was very helpful."

-Kendra C, Transitioning Teacher

Product/Service: 30 Minute Teacher Career Consult


"Cedric has taught me a lot about the job search that I haven’t learned in other places and spaces! It’s clear that he’s passionate about equipping others to take charge of their careers, especially former teachers. Whether it be his scholarship, the QR tags on his clothing line, or his Office Hours, Cedric is doing things expertly and with heart. There’s no pressure to buy his services, yet he makes you aware of what he provides. This is a great place for former teachers to start their career pivot!"



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